Sat 10.02.2018

BALLET PERTH with Amber-Rose
Guess what?
After the shoot with Tyler and posting some of the pictures on facebook the feedback was absolutely overwhelming :-)
His family, friends and other ballet dancers loved the shots so much that some of them contacted me, asking for a photo session.
So here we are, one week later, I am walking through Perth with beautiful dancer Amber-Rose and her mom (my lighting assistant :-)
looking for cool backgrounds...  ....not a difficult task in Perth :-)

Amber-Rose makes it look so effortless; I'm totally impressed by her "acrobatic" skills...     ...and she started with Ballet only 2 years ago, that's quite amazing.

While Amber-Rose has to jump as high as possible I prefer to stay in my favorite pose...
...the "photographer's side-plank"  :-)

One flash (SB-910) does the trick.
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