Perth: Téa Frazer - Fitness & Bikini Model

I had the pleasure to work with South African model Téa Frazer already two years ago at Trigg beach. Those pictures were great but Trigg in combination with the Fremantle-Doctor (intense winds) was quite a challenge. To avoid similar problems, I was looking for a nearby airbnb with a wonderful pool… …and far away from the beach :-)
Of course I first asked for permission if it would be okay to take photos with a model in sexy swimwear at their pool; they said yes :-)
So here we are, Tuesday afternoon at 3.30pm in Padbury being ready to start. Téa, like last time, was perfectly on time an well prepared; a pleasure to work with professional models. Obviously we didn’t have much options for different backgrounds so please excuse that the photos look a bit the same but I reckon it’s more about the stunning model then the Pool :-)


Tech-Talk: When shooting against the sun I used a SB-910 flash to kick in some light on the shadow side. Nikon Z6 with 50mm or 85mm f1.4