Perth: Sand-Blast


I asked Natalie Amar, the Mind.Body.Heart Studio owner, if she would be in for a “sandy” shoot at night time at Perth’s City Beach. Of course she would be in :-)

Last time we did this kind of shoot we used 8kg of white flour but life is learning and we understood that it’s much easier to simply do it with sand :-)
It took 2 Nikon speedlights (SB-910 + SB-700) behind Nat remotely controlled with my ancient SU-800 on one quarter power, slightly zoomed in on Nat.
Flash-Sync. 1/200sec., Aperture 4.5.
Cam: Nikon Z6

We were both very pleased with the amazing photo-results we got.
Thanks Nat for being always there when I have some crazy ideas :-)