FLOWER Workshop

One of our friends in Varkaus [Finland] has recently changed her career and is now heading into the world of flowers, becoming a professional FLORIST.
As in many creative professions, the dilemma is often that the artists can create wonderful pieces but then have no clue how to take a decent picture of their work :-)
…and those pictures would be so important these days in order to promote your business and to create some buzz.

So, here we are, in the dining-room of our friend Anni with a couple of flowers & bouquets, a white cardboard, a wooden table and two desk-lamps.
The mainlight for the flowers can be a window (as in photo 1) or it can also be a desklamp located approx. 30° left or right in front of the flower (as in photo 4)
The important thing is to take control of the whitebalance which hast to be always set for the mainlight. Keep the backgrounds simple and nicely lit and work with an open aperture… :-)