STONEHENGE, Esperance [WA]

Tue 30.01.2018

The day started with a cloudy sky, even a bit of rain, not the best conditions for our planned shoot at the beach.
When chatting with our Airbnb host Griff, I mentioned "Stonehenge" but knew it was closed today...
...but then he said, he knows the owner and might organize private  access for us. One phone call later, all was arranged, we were allowed to shoot there in between the bus loads of cruise-ship tourists.
How cool was that? :-)
Definitely not the typical scenery you would expect from Esperance or a pilates shoot.

By the way, Stonehenge Esperance is an exact replica of the original in the UK...
...only in much better condition and fewer visitors.


Daylight & Flashlight.
Nikon D750 with 24-70mm 2.8

Yoga & PilatesFelix Peter