Roadtrip ty Hyden [Wave Rock]

Sun 28.01.2018

ROADTRIP to Wave Rock & Esperance
On the road with Nat & Lansky in the legendary Volkswagen Beetle :-)

It's the thing I love most...     ...having a vague idea where we're heading and then see on the road what happens :-)
Crazy good backdrops pop up everywhere if you keep looking.
We found all sorts of landscapes, saltlakes, forests, tin protagonists and army tanks; not always the typical props for pilates photos :-)


Roughly after 400km we arrived in Hyden, the location of Wave Rock.
The only restaurant there was funny, you'd buy your food from the counter
but then you had to cook it yourself :-)

Ambient- & Flashlight. I was very lucky to have an lighting assistant, the wind can be tricky sometimes.
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