Fremantle YOGA Shoot

Wed 24.01.2018

Origin8 in Fremantle
This is where it all began 8 years ago.
Here in Fremantle Anita, Richard and I had our first photo shoot outside of Switzerland. Who would have thought then that we keep coming back almost every year :-)

Fremantle is THE place for all artists and creatives. With tons of crazy amazing backgrounds it definitely is our first choice for colorful photo shoots.

By the way, the yellow circle lines in the picture bottom center are real, that's how it actually looks from The Roundhouse.

Thanks heaps to Anita & Richard of for a fantastic fun-day in Cottesloe, Fremantle and South Perth.

All geek stuff in use. Ambient & Flash is normal business but colorshifting is a fine tool to create a special look. Anita in front of the Skyline was illuminated with a 3000 Kelvin geled flash so the ambient turns blueish.

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